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Hacking Game

An MMORPG cursors based terminal app which teaches the basics of hacking systems.  Although it will be a VNR virtual network reality, the skills learned and utilized will apply to the Internet.

The environment could possibly be ssh or ps in a scripted mode of sorts.

  1. The game will start with tutorial assignments in which the basics of the Linux Terminal is learned.
  2. Understanding the use of X windows to spawn a GUI interface within the application.
  3. BADGES – command line tool use ie ssh, lynx, email, nmap, KVM, tar, build, git, sudo, file system structure, etc. awarded to users for completing training.
  4. Learn virtual currency, cryptography, openssh, etc.
  5. Role playing bots communicating via email.
  6. Master / Student relationship.  First goal – locate Master
    1. SCRIPT KIDDIE – Establish home session breach using exploit tool
    2. Upon automated login UNIX <you’ve got mail> with instructions
    3. Welcome email message with email address of the Admin
    4. Social Engineering basics – communicate with admin as a new employee and gather target information.
    5. GOAL – Use session as starting point for all subsequent lessons.
    6. Establish Usenet and then find a Master.
  7. Porn Hacking
    1. PREREQUISITES – Purchase porn site hacked data from darkweb using bitcoins and hack somebody’s iPhone and have massive storage available ie hacked Amazon storage account.
    2. nmap from iphone
    3. locate laptop, streaming cameras, usb drives, etc.
    4. Establish terminal in laptop.
    5. sniff and retrieve credentials to rsync drive
      1. keyloger
      2. remote drive config
      3. backup script
    6. download massive porn
    7. sell porn on darkweb to make some bitcoin
  8. Bitches
    1. Obtain contact information from porn producers laptop
    2. contact and communicate with bitches (AI conversation bots)
    3. Obtain financial information from porn producers laptop
    4. send checks to bitches, buy bitcoin, stash money in PayPal, try to get as much money as possible from the account until account is closed and laptop is wiped.


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