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Big Open Source Blog Idea

Open Source IP is very frequently pirated in the form of source code.  The pirated IP source code is then embedded into a commercial product which generates revenue none of which is never paid in royalties for the pirated IP source code.

I propose the following mitigation strategy:

  1. Include in the Open Source IP terms of license agreement that tracking device may be used to mitigate pirating and is accepted by the users of this Open Source IP source code.
  2. Incorporate a tracking device in the Open Source IP source code.  Upon execution the tracking device will send as much information about the source system as possible, including reverse dns, local dns probes, nmap scans, and os registration information.
  3. Publish this source code to main repository.
  4. Build release from HEAD~1 (not the version that contains the tracking device)
  5. Announce a new bin release of the open source app to the public
  6. Pirates of your Open Source IP will download the source code containing the tracking device
  7. Pirates of your Open Source IP will release versions of their commercial products and notify you of their presence.
  8. Legal action may be started and additional legal investigation may occur prior to ever notifying the pirate(s) businesses.
  9. The pirate business will always opt for a large quiet cash resolution.
  10. A legal firm who both specializes in the legal action and specializes in the technology involved, would be —-Michaelis & Michaelis—-
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